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We wanted to create a learning experience that was distinct from other online certifications in the market.

We needed to engage the learner and both teach and inspire them to push through the courses. The journey shouldn’t be painful - instead it should feel hopeful, exciting, and even entertaining. We wanted to use storytelling, both visually and within the scripts themselves, to engage and inspire the learner.
Produce the IT Support Professional Certificate on the Coursera Platform
6 Courses totalling approximately 600 videos
50 Video Vignettes featuring Google employees



  • Craft overall program narrative based on the learner’s profile, taking them on a journey that identifies the possibilities of pursuing a career in IT while building the foundational skills to be successful
  • Review and shape all scripts to ensure both a consistent voice and adherence to overall narrative, using storytelling, humor, and a conversational tone to help the learner identify with the instructors
  • Create a visual narrative with motion gfx and animation to engage the learner throughout their entire journey
  • Work with Course Presenters/On-Air Talent to prepare them for the camera, and to authentically connect with the learner through the content
  • Create 50 vignettes featuring Google employees from the C-Suite to entry-level as they discuss the journey they took on their path in technology.
  • Collaborate with Coursera Teaching and & Learning team to ensure all content is of the highest pedagogical integrity



  • Manage entire process from initial content outline, to scripting, to delivery of final videos
  • Coordinate and execute feedback on every step of the process
  • Manage the visual asset creation with the internal Google Design team
  • Coordinate 30 production days across multiple locations in Sunnyvale, Mountain View, and New York City.
  • Manage and oversee video crew
  • Manage a team of 10 editors, reviewing every video to ensure brand and content integrity


A high-quality and highly-engaging learner experience that includes seven course presenters and 13 Google employees featured in approximately 600 separate videos.

The videos have a cinematic feel, and include animation, motion graphics, demonstrations, and real-world scenarios, and are shot in dozens of separate locations.

The program launched on Coursera in January 2018, and has created an exciting buzz in the world of online education. According to Wired, on the launch day “it attracted the largest-ever group of first-time Coursera users, almost half of them people without college degrees. By February, it was Coursera’s second-most-popular offering.” More than 18,000 people have enrolled so far, and the courses continue to get approximately 1000 registrants per day. “Even as we were building it, even as it was about to launch, I never anticipated the success of it,” says Natalie Van Kleef Conley, Google’s product lead for the program.

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This is a comprehensive course that doesn't assume anything, and as such is learning-accessible to the entire spectrum of potential students. If a person already has knowledge of some of the material presented, this highly organized course will fill in the gaps in a logical and engaging manner. If one were a true beginner (as am I), this course encourages the student through the curriculum, building on knowledge and tasks as it progresses and helping to dispel any lurking insecurity about learning IT Support with each step forward.
— March 15, 2018
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It's very useful! Even though I have some fundamental knowledge about IT, I can learn things from almost every minute in this course. The curriculum is very systematic and Google team made it easy enough for anyone to understand. BTW, the speakers are so nice!
— March 13, 2018
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The Instructional videos present in this course were very well done. The instructors introduced in this course all did an exceptional job and they showed a clear mastery of their field. I am really amazed by the quality of this course for such a low out of pocket cost.
— March 13, 2018