I wanted to take the audience I built from my podcast and provide a deeper, more engaging experience with a video education platform. Edios Media provided the guidance and leadership on how to systematize the content and production processes so I could scale the amount of quality classes I am able to provide.

— Mike Dillard, Self Made Man



Mike Dillard wanted to leverage his immensely popular audio podcast that features world-class thought-leaders, authors, entrepreneurs, and disruptors into a monetizable online video education platform. In order to successfully launch the platform, it required multiple classes featuring dozens of instructors, spread out across a wide array of subject verticals. After the initial launch, the platform required fresh lessons featuring new instructors launched regularly.
We wanted to create and deploy the systems and processes he and his team would require to produce a large slate of classes, along with tools to keep feeding the content pipeline once our consultancy completed.
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We needed to identify a robust and sustainable curriculum strategy that would be relevant to the audience base Mike had already built up with his existing content, which consisted of podcast interviews and some existing video.
How could we scale the development of a large slate of classes featuring dozens of subject matter experts/instructors? The instructors have limited time and demanding schedules, but we needed their collaboration to develop quality educational content. How do we format their subject matter expertise to fit the platform’s needs, and then turn this process into a repeatable system that a team member could manage and execute?
Instructors had to arrive on set ready to film, and the team needed to keep moving like clockwork to keep to the aggressive production timeline. Under these constraints, how could we keep the shoot days fun and low-stress on the instructors while still meeting our goals both in quality and quantity of content captured?



  • Drive development process with each on-air instructor
  • Collaborate with instructors to transform their subject matter
  • expertise into the required format for video lessons
  • Create detailed content outlines
  • Train instructors as necessary to be camera-ready
  • Create slides, downloadable assets, and other course materials
  • Write marketing scripts for each class



  • Consult with the Self Made Man production team throughout the entire process, from pre-production to post-production
  • Create production processes and efficiencies
  • Manage the visual asset creation
  • Coordinate 16 production days across multiple locations in Austin, Texas in studio and on-location
  • Coordinate set design and purchases
  • Review all videos



  • Consult on programming strategy
  • Create content taxonomy
  • Create curriculum maps
  • Create content development templates for individual classes
  • Recruit instructors and coordinate their contracts
  • Wrote job descriptions for potential new hires


Using Edios Media’s 5 Pillars of Content system, we created a scalable and low-impact development cycle that allowed instructors flexibility in the lead-up to their production day.

Each production day was highly planned and produced, allowing us to shoot between 2 and 5 classes per day. Additionally, the Self Made Man team is using the templates and systems we provided to continue to add classes to the site regularly.

The Self Made Man platform launched in February 2018, with 40+ classes launched across 7 content verticals and continues to add new classes monthly.

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Wow, just when I thought these lessons couldn't get any better, I find a new one that just really hits the nail on the head about how to go about being successful and breaks it down in the simplest way possible... That was this video for me! These guys are great teachers!
— March 15, 2018
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Very unique but practical insights. I loved the one on one coaching session at the end. Definitely worth the time to check these lessons out.
— March 13, 2018
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Really awesome class. This is an incredible story of resilience from someone that ordinarily would be condemned to failure. Nevertheless this amazingly inspiring guy got to work and transformed himself from the inside out and is now proof and a living example that we can all do it no matter what we have been through. Thank you, Wes . You have inspired me.
— March 13, 2018
5 stars.png
Loved It! Very helpful! I'm a bit of a technology noob so I love learning how it all works in order to shorten my learning curve. Thanks!
— March 13, 2018
5 stars.png
Amazing! With starting a new leg of my business that is very customer focused this activity will help me to solidify the "why" and share it with clients. It will let them align with me to build it together. Vision and mission statements for businesses always bored the hell out of me but this is actionable and not nearly as stuffy feeling. Thank you!
— March 13, 2018