Educational institutions are now expected to offer courses online, but the new world of online learning is complex and difficult to manage. Have you struggled to adapt your curriculum to fit in a video setting? Are you engaging your students online the same way you do in the classroom? Are your students completing your courses and certifications at the rate you expect? Magnify the impact you get from your in-person experiences and reach a global audience.  


how we work

  • As experienced producers, we'll oversee the entire process, managing video production from start to finish.
  • We’ll become experts in both you and your content, helping you shape and deliver your curriculum in a powerful, actionable way.
  • We’ll create a production plan, including outlines, scripts, visual style, tone, and a detailed schedule.
  • We’ll customize your curriculum to connect directly with your learners online.
  • We’ll work with you on-camera, taking advantage of your natural presenting style to bring out the best in you as an instructor.
  • We’ll create supplementary video marketing materials to assist you in driving students to your course.
  • We’ll deliver high-quality videos that impress in both style and substance.