Are you looking to build an online community where learners can build skills and confidence in your area of expertise?

Creating a platform with an efficient pipeline requires scaling the content development and production processes. We’ll work with you to identify a multi-vertical curriculum and give you the tools you need to implement it.


Services include

  • Vertical development, curriculum mapping, and learner pathing
  • Content taxonomy, based on business goals and learner’s needs
  • Training on the Edios Media Development Process and how to implement it
  • Best practices on instructor recruitment and development
  • Production processes and efficiencies
  • On-set guidance and training
  • Visual style guidance
  • Consultation on optimizing new hires or existing employees
I wanted to take the audience I built from my podcast and provide a deeper, more engaging experience with a video education platform. Edios Media provided the guidance and leadership on how to systematize the content and production processes so I could scale the amount of quality classes I am able to provide.
— Mike Dillard, Self Made Man