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who we are

Meet Elizabeth & Michael.

They’re no ordinary human beings. Their careers started in Hollywood, where they worked on feature films, television, and digital series.

Then they refocused their love of content creation into the online educational world, where they produced thousands of hours of educational content for enterprise, academia, non-profits, and influencers.

Elizabeth Madariaga

Co-founder / Executive Producer

Elizabeth’s 20+ years of experience creating educational and entertaining video content has made her an expert in what works. As an executive at eOne Television, she oversaw production and development of a variety of scripted and reality series in the United States and Canada, including the award-winning Iggy Arbuckle. She left the entertainment industry when she realized that she wanted to find deeper connections with audiences, and joined CreativeLive as an Executive Producer, where she built the Money & Life Channel and the Craft & Maker Channel. In this role, she supervised the production of thousands of hours of live online courses, building relationships with the various instructors, experts, thought leaders, and authors she worked with. She later moved to Coursera to implement a systematized production pipeline for over 50 courses. Her history of building partnerships and crafting compelling narrative arcs is proven, but it is her deep love of organization, planning, and logistics that makes her an invaluable part of any production.

  • Elizabeth Madariaga Co-Founder / Executive Producer

Michael Karsh

Co-founder / Executive Producer

Michael has 20+ years of experience working with content. Not only has he done large studio feature films and primetime television, he’s made original digital series, and produced revolutionary online educational workshops. His passion for his work stems from a love of helping new and established brands find their voice through the power of content. As an executive at National Geographic Kids Entertainment, Michael helped develop and produce the team’s first global TV series. At Sony’s Crackle, he was instrumental in helping define the fledgling streaming service’s brand through its programming strategy and content offering. At Participant Media, Michael developed an award-winning digital series for the company’s premium YouTube Channel. Transitioning from entertainment to education was a natural evolution to continue his dedication to creating prosocial content. As Executive Producer of Content at CreativeLive, he has produced thousands of hours of premium educational content with the world’s top instructors, experts, authors, and thought leaders.

  • Co-founder & Executive Producer

Celeste Olds

Head of Production

Celeste’s first day in the film industry started at 5am, 17 years ago. She was a Production Assistant on a commercial, desperately trying to assemble a coffee maker for a dangerously un-caffeinated crew. She barely knew what she was doing, and she didn’t drink coffee. She figured it out, and continued to figure things out, eventually becoming the Executive Producer of Production Operations at CreativeLive, overseeing 4 broadcast studios across two cities and managing a team that created ~100 videos monthly. Celeste has produced tens of thousands of hours of content for CreativeLive and other companies such as TedX, Virgin, Adobe, Etsy, ZenDesk, Apple and, of course, Edios Media. She enjoys the process of “figuring it out” a lot more these days and has since started drinking coffee.

  • Celeste Olds - Head of Production

Kathy Ramos

Executive Producer

With over two decades of production experience, Kathy’s content creation and storytelling is centered on intention and impact. She brings an enthusiastic approach to development, whether it be educational content or commercial campaigns. Along with her fervent approach to the creative process, her ability to remain calm during chaos is a superpower. Kathy’s client list includes Apple, Microsoft, Discovery Health Channel, Starbucks, and Reebok. As Executive Producer at CreativeLive, Kathy supervised a team of instructional-content and live-event producers in San Francisco and Seattle. After her time at CreativeLive, Kathy joined REI Co-op as its Media Studio’s Supervising Producer. There, she instrumentally laid a new foundation for product photo and video production standards along with elevating initiatives of diversity and inclusion. Results-driven leadership, development expertise, and her eagerness to innovate make Kathy a production powerhouse.

  • Kathy Ramos Portrait

Darcy Moynahan

Production Coordinator

Darcy was swept up into online educational video content early in her career. At CreativeLive Darcy interacted with every stage of content creation while exploring multiple roles in production before settling into her position as a Video Editor. Darcy has since worked as an Editor, Producer, Production Coordinator, and Post-Supervisor for companies such as Amazon and Microsoft, as well as on feature films and with countless start-ups and nonprofits. Darcy loves the process of video production in all forms and phases and believes that educational content should be well crafted and engaging. 

  • Darcy Moynahan – Production Coordinator

what we do

Edios Media is the brainchild of Elizabeth and Michael. We’re a San Francisco-based video production company that creates premium, high-quality videos, customizable to your corporate brand, culture, and learner.

Here are some of the types of videos you can expect from us:

  • Customer education
  • Microlearning
  • Blockbuster MOOCs
  • Corporate training
  • Compliance courses
  • Employee onboarding
  • Soft skills training
  • Sales trainings
  • Product demonstrations
  • Certificate programs

how it works

As an eLearning agency, we specialize in high-quality video production that transforms knowledge into powerful, narrative-based courses that learners love.

For efficiency and customization (our two favorite words), we’ve created processes in the development and production phases that are tested — and perfected — to work across a variety of video training formats and industries.

Creating online courses or series is no easy task. That’s why we do all the heavy-lifting, so you don’t have to. We oversee every aspect of your project, from concept to conclusion. Because our love of storytelling and passion for education drives us to tackle the puzzle of production, when you don’t want to.

why it matters

Digital transformation means a learner’s relationship to video is light years ahead of what it was even five years ago.

Any type of video education or training must now compete for a learner’s attention — and boring, low-quality videos just won’t cut it. At the same time, organizations understand that video must be part of any blended learning strategy. That’s why we produce videos that engage, and dare we say, even entertain the learner.

Edios customizes video education experiences, because every client is different and requires a tailored approach to engaging their learners with their own unique voice.

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