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Custom-built educational videos for the modern learner.

We’re an award-winning, education video production agency that’s reimagining the way people learn. As industry experts, we create online courses, blockbuster MOOCs, microlearning, onboarding and compliance training videos, and more. These videos are designed to inspire and engage learners through the art of storytelling. Together, we can develop powerful eLearning solutions closely tailored to your business’s learning and development needs.

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Only the best — for the best.

Here’s a shortlist of some of the amazing organizations we work with. But there are so many more. Check them out.

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Where ideas come to life.

A solid mix of passion, experience, and high production value go into everything we create.


  • “They consistently deliver a high-quality product. Their professionalism, understanding of online education and experience makes it very easy to rely on them to support some of our most high value launches.”

    — Phoebe Malcolm Preston, Manager, Partner Services, Coursera

  • “Working with Edios is a true partnership. Their script writing team took the time to really understand our needs and goals.  As a result, they were able to take complex and nuanced content and create the succinct and conversational scripts we were looking for, while staying authentic to our voice.”

    — KATIE Ly, on-demand learning, n ventures, the new school

  • “Every detail of the production was organized and communicated. When the actual day of the filming arrived, all I needed to do was stand back and let Elizabeth and the crew work their magic.”

    — Karina Mangu-Ward, PARTNER, AUGUST PUBLIC INC.

  • “The team at Edios is top-notch! They are efficient, professional, and friendly, getting the job done brilliantly. I appreciate their creativity and quick work, keeping us all on time.”


  • “The team (at Edios) were able to seamlessly hit the ground running as we prepared for our biggest event of the year.  Their impressive production management skills meant pressure was taken off my shoulders.  We are proud of the the content we captured at Dreamforce 2019 and look forward to producing even more exciting new video formats with them again next year.”


  • “Edios helped us think through the structure of our course, how to engage our users, and brought a great team for high-quality video production. With help from Edios, we were able to bring our application development course to life!”

    — Nikolai Oudalov, Product Manager, C3.ai

  • “I love working with Edios. Their ability to develop content of the highest caliber and simultaneously produce / manage the process is truly unique.  Moreover, they operate both collaboratively and independently.  I always trust that whatever we hand them will be delivered on time, on budget, and above expectations.”


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