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Edios Media is the brainchild of Elizabeth Madariaga and Michael Karsh.

Their careers started in Hollywood, where they worked on feature films, television, and digital series. Then they refocused their love of content creation into the online educational world, where they’ve produced thousands of hours of educational content for enterprise, academia, non-profits, and thought leaders.

Elizabeth Madariaga

she/her, Co-Founder

Elizabeth is the operational ninja of the agency while also overseeing all new business. When anyone has a question, she has the answers! Elizabeth is based in San Francisco, CA, and, when not at her desk, she can be found at a potter’s wheel.

  • Elizabeth Madariaga Co-Founder / Executive Producer

Michael Karsh

he/him, Co-Founder

Michael oversees marketing, sales, and business development, and also loves to jump in on development work with clients.  He manages the Content Producer team. Michael is based in Los Angeles, CA, and has a cat named Riley and several North American Tree Squirrels.

  • Co-founder & Executive Producer

Celeste Olds

she/her, Head of Production

Celeste oversees any and all client production needs, including project schedules, budgets, and video production.  She manages the production team.  Celeste is based in Seattle, WA and has two cats, Dita and Cadbury.

  • Celeste Olds - Head of Production

Darcy Moynahan

she/her, Production Manager

Darcy is our publishing guru and resident expert on client platforms. She assists the production and post-production teams as needed, and also manages our team of Production Assistants. Darcy is based in Seattle, WA and has a cat named Grima Wormtongue.

  • Darcy Moynahan – Production Coordinator

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