Do you struggle to communicate how and why your product or service solves a specific dilemma for your customer? Do you want your customers to become confident users? Do you really have the bandwidth to manage the process of high-quality content creation from ideation to delivery efficiently and cost-effectively?

Video education is a highly effective way to communicate both internally to employees as well as externally to your global customer base. This goes beyond the typical corporate training webinars. We work with you to create compelling and valuable online video experiences that authentically connect with your customers to inspire and entertain them, as well as to motivate them to action. These could include:

  • Teaching a specific product or process
  • Inspiring your users to become brand evangelists
  • Launching a new product or feature
  • Providing ongoing education to employees or customers
  • Employee onboarding, training, or development


our process

  • As experienced producers, we'll take the guesswork out of the entire process, guiding you in the content creation and managing the production from start to finish.
  • We’ll become experts in your content, customizing a multi-function video curriculum strategy that connects with your audience and delivers your company's message in a powerful, actionable way.
  • We'll navigate your internal corporate structure, ensuring that the right stakeholders are consulted during the process.
  • We’ll create a production plan, including outlines, scripts, visual style, tone, and a detailed schedule.
  • We’ll deliver high-quality videos that impress in both style and substance.
  • We’ll work with you to determine the best presenters for your information, eliciting their on-camera talents and bringing out the best in them as an instructor.
Michael is best in class in creating engaging, informative and inspiring educational content. I was nervous when approaching a 7+ hours multi-lesson course and he took the reigns and made the process approachable, fun and professional. I particularly enjoyed the brainstorming and curriculum creation stages where his insight was invaluable and creative. From pre-production through post, his expertise helped me create a product that I’m proud to share with the community!
— Christopher Farro, GoPro