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Expect a hands-on approach to every project you bring to the table. Together, we’ll apply the focus and passion it takes to deliver on your business goals.


Here’s what our clients have to say about us:

“I love working with Edios.  Their ability to develop content of the highest caliber and simultaneously produce/manage the process is truly unique.  Moreover, they operate both collaboratively and independently.  I always trust that whatever we hand them will be delivered on time, on budget, and above expectations.”

–Chase Jarvis, CEO, Creativelive


“They consistently deliver a high-quality product. Their professionalism, understanding of online education, and experience makes it very easy to rely on them to support some of our most high-value launches.”

–Phoebe Malcolm Preston, Manager, Partner Services, Coursera


“The Google IT Certificate is a unique educational offering that is impacting the lives of tens of thousands of people around the world. The role Edios Media played in helping Coursera and Google create extremely high quality educational videos on a demanding timeline was essential to the program’s success.”

–Kevin Mills, Head of Corporate Partnerships & Business Development, Coursera


“The team at Edios were able to seamlessly hit the ground running as we prepared for our biggest event of the year.  Their impressive production management skills meant pressure was taken off my shoulders.  We are proud of the content we captured at Dreamforce 2019 and look forward to producing even more exciting new video formats with them again next year.”

–kerry lien, director, broadcast production, salesforce Live


“We are so lucky we were connected with Edios. They have been invaluable partners throughout the creation of our very first eLearning, from helping us reconfigure our script, to managing/preparing the entire filming process, to editing and creating animations.”

–Rachel Herter, Senior Consultant, Paradigm


“We are grateful to Edios Media for the high degree of professionalism, initiative, and responsiveness they demonstrated throughout the production…We felt confident and at ease in their ability to spearhead all aspects of the video production process—from selecting a suitable venue, to coordinating a complex filming schedule, and ensuring that our videos were completed quickly and to the highest quality.”

–Alisa Acosta, Director of Education, Blockchain Research Institute


“I wanted to take the audience I built from my podcast and provide a deeper, more engaging experience with a video education platform. Edios Media provided the guidance and leadership on how to systematize the content and production processes so I could scale the amount of quality classes I am able to provide.”

–Mike Dillard, Founder, Self Made Man


Elizabeth and Michael were awesome guides through the creative process. The discovery was thorough and enjoyable and the content outline was rich in detail, showing that they’d put time and effort into understanding our software. The effort they put in up front meant the resulting scripts were meaningful and enlightening to potential customers.

–Adam & Millie Blackwell, Co-Founders, Showcase Workshop


“I went into Dreamforce ’18 with a million things on my plate – working with Michael Karsh put me at ease. Not only did Michael create amazing content for our conference, but he did it while creating an amazing experience for those around him. I can’t wait to work with Karsh again!”

–Marissa Karines, Director, Social & Content Marketing, Strategic Events, Salesforce


“Working with Elizabeth, Michael, and the Edios Media team is a true joy. Their professionalism, creativity, and ability to deliver outstanding results is unrivaled., They really know how to make the client and the content truly shine.”

–Lesley Grossblatt, COO, theBoardlist


“Edios helped us think through the structure of our course, how to engage our users, and brought a great team for high-quality video production. With help from Edios, we were able to bring our application development course to life!”

–Nikolai Oudalov, Product Manager, C3.ai

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