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what production type fits your needs?

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How much does it cost to produce an online educational video?

Providing an answer to this question would be comparable to answering “How much does going out to dinner cost?”  Before you can estimate a cost you need to dig deeper:

Do you want something healthy but quick?  We can make a delicious but affordable sandwich!

Do you want a lively atmosphere with a variety of menu options to choose from?  We know a fun and tasty Thai restaurant with a mid-priced menu that will have something to delight everyone in your party.

Are you celebrating something special and want to wine-and-dine your party with an elevated dining experience?  We’ve got a list of Michelin-star restaurants that will knock your socks off!

All options are ultimately satisfying and none are inherently better than the other, because you would choose your meal type based on your budget, taste, and a host of other factors. Similar considerations apply when producing online educational videos. 

At Edios Media, our approach to production is bespoke and 100% based on the needs of the client. We tailor the production process to capture quality content within your vision and budget. But we’ve created a Production Comparison Chart as a great place to start to better understand what it costs to produce top-notch online education videos.


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