March 13


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The Key Players Who Bring Your Course Vision to Life

In today’s world, where everyone has a camera in their hand, it’s easy to assume that anyone can produce a high-quality online course or training. However, the difference between amateur and professional production is the group of experts who work together to make the course content shine. Let’s explore the key players who are essential for making your learning videos come to life:

Producer: As the project manager, the producer is responsible for bringing your vision to life. They advocate for the right crew, plan the logistics, and sweat the small details to prevent pitfalls. They work with the budget and timeline to organize the logistics that make the production actually work.

Director of Photography (DP): The DP is responsible for everything related to light and camera. They analyze the location and shooting timeline to optimize the use of the right camera and lenses. They determine where to place the camera and how to manipulate the light to achieve the desired  visual composition.

Audio Engineer: The most underrated person on set, the audio engineer understands how the location can affect the quality of the audio. They have the tools and expertise to optimize the sound and pivot if any unexpected issues arise.  When filming at an office there can be some unexpected noises such as the dinging of an elevator or the whooshing of an espresso maker. They listen to every word captured and let the producer know if the quality of the audio is ever in jeopardy.

Teleprompter Operator: This expert takes the script and reformats it to help the talent give their best performance. Then they listen to and engage with the talent to help them understand what they need to do to sound natural. They also operate the teleprompter in such a way that the script scrolls upward at the right pace for the talent to stay in a groove.

Content Expert: This person is often the subject matter expert (SME) who helps make quick decisions on content-related issues. They reword the script, pronounce proper nouns or industry terms, and correct mistakes in the script. Their expertise ensures that the production accurately reflects the intended message.

Each of these key players brings a unique set of skills and expertise to a production. They work together to create a polished and professional online course that stands out from the sea of poor-quality courses. By appreciating the contributions of these experts, we can better understand the importance of collaboration in the creation of successful course content.


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