how it works

Edios takes the hassle out of production. Our team manages every step of the process, from filming to creating engaging animations to cinema-worthy editing.

With thousands of hours of video under our belt, we know how to make videos that engage and inspire. We’ve created all sorts of videos, from lightning-speed microlearning courses to in-depth programs that take months to complete. And we can do it all on-site, in a studio, or even remotely. No matter your project, we’ll sweat the details, so you don’t have to.


Our production services include:

  • Creating and managing schedules and budgets
  • Scouting and securing locations
  • Booking crew and managing equipment
  • Set design
  • Animation and motion graphics
  • Production oversight and on-set leadership
  • Live streaming
  • Post-production management, including editing and graphics


Our remote production services include:

  • Film-set-in-a-box with simple setup guide
  • Virtual production oversight in any city
  • Remote voice recording



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