December 24


edios media-produced courses are the world’s most popular in 2021

  • Google Career Certificates

According to Class Central, the world’s largest search engine and reviews site for free online courses, 9 out of the top 10 most popular new courses (according to student enrollment) launched in 2021 were produced by Edios Media.  Of the top 25 most popular courses, Edios produced 17 of them.

“When Class Central founder Dhawal Shah emailed me a heads-up that his company’s latest list was out, I was shocked when I clicked over….I scanned down the list, the same provider was taking up nearly all the slots….It wasn’t a classic prestige school like Stanford or Yale. It was Google…One-fifth of all the courses in the most popular list came from Google. The most popular course has over half a million enrollments,” writes Jessica Stillman, a contributor at

To date, Edios Media has produced 5 x career certificates for Grow with Google available on Coursera.

1. Google IT Support Professional Certificate

2. Google IT Automation with Python Professional Certificate

3. Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate 

4. Google Project Management Professional Certificate 

5. Google UX Design Professional Certificate 

The popularity of these programs speaks to a global movement towards upskilling.  Increased automation, distributed workforces, and the ongoing global pandemic make certificate programs like these absolutely essential for learners and organizations alike.  We cherish working with Google and developing news ways  to engage learners and empower them with the skills necessary for the jobs of today and tomorrow.  Look out 2022!


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