february 11


edios website wins again

It’s time to clear off some more shelf space and make room for another statue! Back in May 2019 we relaunched our shiny new website and it seems that people are taking notice. We are proud to share that ediosmedia.com is the Centaurian Winner for best Professional Services website by the Vega Digital Awards. 

As a video production agency that specializes in producing online training videos such as blockbuster MOOCs, employee training, customer onboarding, compliance courses, and microlearning,we understood that our site had to reflect the level of quality of service we provide to our clients. 300FeetOut understood that too, and built us a site that not only functions as a powerful business tool, but also seems to keep attracting the attention of awards committees.

This newest statue will sit alongside the Best Media Website Award from the Web Marketing Association and a Silver Winner for Professional Services from the Davey Awards. Our friends at 300FeetOut deserve them!


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