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Create a learning experience that was distinct from other online certifications in the market.

We needed to engage learners while teaching and encouraging them to push through the courses. The journey shouldn’t be painful – it should feel hopeful, exciting, and even entertaining. We wanted to use storytelling, both visually and through content, to fully immerse learners into the experience.


Content Development

We wanted to craft an overall narrative based on the learner’s profile. We understood the certificate needed to take them on a journey that showed them the possibility of building a career in IT, while also building a step-by-step program that taught them the foundational skills to be successful. We reviewed and shaped each script so there was a consistent voice that adhered to the overall narrative. Introducing storytelling, humor, and a conversational tone helped the learners identify with the instructors. The visual narrative we created with motion graphics and animation engaged the learner throughout their entire journey. We also collaborated with the Coursera Teaching & Learning team to make sure all the content was of the highest pedagogical integrity. Once the educational content was determined, we created 50 vignettes featuring Google employees, from the C-suite to entry-level, who discussed the journey they took on their path to a career in technology.

Production Days: 33

Courses: 6

Number of Videos: 600

Project Management

Edios managed the entire production process, starting with the initial content outline, through script development and writing, filming, editing, and delivery of the final videos. We coordinated and executed feedback from many stakeholders across multiple business divisions, offices, and even countries – no easy feat! We also oversaw the visual asset creation with Google’s internal design team. Currently, we are overseeing the localization of the Certificate into multiple languages.


The production required that we work with the course presenters and on-air talent ahead of the filming days to prepare them for what it would be like to be on camera. We coached them to make sure they would authentically connect with the learner throughout their journey. Ultimately we filmed over 30 days, which we coordinated across multiple locations in Sunnyvale, Mountain View, and New York City. During production days, we managed and oversaw the entire video crew. Once the project was in post-production, we managed a team of 10 editors, reviewing every video to ensure the content was consistent with the brand – and our integrity.

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  • film production behind the scenes


Reaching tens of thousands of learners and changing lives through upskilling.

A high-quality, highly-engaging, and award-winning learner experience that includes seven course presenters and 13 Google employees featured in approximately 600 separate videos.

The videos have a cinematic feel, and include animation, motion graphics, demonstrations, and real-world scenarios, and are shot in dozens of separate locations.

The program launched on Coursera in January 2018 and has created an exciting buzz in the world of online education. According to Wired, on launch day “it attracted the largest-ever group of first-time Coursera users, almost half of them people without college degrees.”

  • Winner of the ‘Reimagining the Higher Education Ecosystem Challenge #EDU2030’ from the US Department of Education


  • 70,000

    learners enrolled and 8,000 people have completed the program

  • “The role Edios Media played in helping Coursera and Google create extremely high quality educational videos on a demanding timeline was essential to the program’s success.”

    — Kevin Mills, Head of Corporate Partnerships & Business Development, Coursera

  • 25+

    The number of community colleges offering the program in the 2018-19 school year (as of 4/1/19)

  • “The lifeline of a tech job: A Nashville woman goes from homelessness to Google with an IT certification”

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