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content strategy

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As online course content creators, our first step in the development process is to identify what we call “The Five Pillars of Content” which informs the type of video production you need.

The amount of content development and instructional design needed to produce corporate training courses can be very different from a course about onboarding clients or launching a certification program.

Once we define the content of the video, we develop an overall narrative that can help us map out what you want your audience to learn and gain from the course.


Our content strategy services include:

  • Identifying the overall narrative of the content
  • Curriculum mapping
  • Video instructional design
  • Reviewing outlines and scripts
  • Creating detailed learner profiles
  • Determining or evaluating video formats
  • Onboarding Video Script Writing
  • Copywriting
  • Scriptwriting
  • Developing creative takes to set the tone, voice, look, and feel
  • Instructor training

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