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education platform consultation

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Do you want to build an online community that fosters confidence in learners? Are you interested in creating an education platform where people can build skills with the help of your unique expertise? We’ve got the tools you need to succeed.

If your goal is to build an efficient pipeline, chances are, you need to streamline the content development and production process. We’ll work with you to create multi-vertical curricula, and show you and your team how to make online courses and custom eLearning solutions at scale.


Our education platform consultation services include:

  • Vertical development, curriculum mapping, and learner pathing
  • Content taxonomy
  • Training on the Edios Media Development Process and how to implement it
  • Best practices for instructor recruitment and development
  • Production processes and efficiencies
  • On-set guidance and training
  • Visual style guidance
  • Consultation on optimizing new hires or existing employees

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