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How to shoot, edit, and animate 150 videos in 90 days?

By the time we were brought onto this project, the client was quite far along in the content creation process. The course outline required we film 150 videos of various lengths, and this had to be accomplished in only 5 days of production due to the demanding schedules of the Instructors.

The immediacy of the project also required that we film on location in Toronto, Ontario in the dead of winter. How do we develop a visual language that includes animation and motion graphics and lock them in quickly? How do we ensure we can capture all the necessary content in the allotted time? And how do we find a location that would be suitable to our production needs while providing multiple looks that would be on-brand for the client?



With the production days etched in stone, we had to work quickly to fly the Edios crew to Toronto in the middle of winter, along with all of the necessary film and lighting gear for a 5-day shoot. Remotely, we secured a location that would provide a flexible space featuring four different set looks. We created a filming schedule that was aggressive, but at the same time allowed for the instructors to take breaks and maintain their energy. Ultimately this schedule had to be flexible enough to allow for any additional pickups on the last day of shooting.

  • Best Custom Content

  • Best Use of Video


Production Management

We were able to lock the motion graphic templates for the on-screen text usage. We began the animation process immediately, storyboarding and designing the key animations for the course in order to finish them in time for launch. Once the filming was complete we managed three editors working concurrently while still maintaining a consistent look and feel across the courses and the promo we created.


Delivered 150+ polished videos in 90 days.

With little to no room for errors, we were able to deliver 150+ videos spread across 4 courses on time. The courses included 12 minutes of original animation as well as custom motion graphics to visually display text on screen. And to top it all off, we were able to avoid frostbite as the temperature dipped into negative degrees during production, no small feat for a California-based crew.

UPDATE – The client was so pleased with the quality of the end product that, nearly two years later, they came back to us to film additional content to update and refresh the existing courses.

The specialization was recognized by the 2023 Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards with two medals: silver for Best Custom Content and bronze for Best Use of Video.

  • “We felt confident and at ease in their ability to spearhead all aspects of the video production process — from selecting a suitable venue, to coordinating a complex filming schedule, and ensuring that our videos were completed quickly and to the highest quality.”

    –Alisa Acosta, Director of Education,  Blockchain Research Institute

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  • “Filming…required capturing a lot of content on a tight schedule. Edios Media ensured the production ran smoothly and that we had an enjoyable time…Michael and the production team are experienced professionals and I look forward to working with them again.”


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