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Rewrite more than 50 highly-academic scripts to make them accessible to a more general audience, without losing critical learning-block content, while crafting a strong, compelling, unified voice—all on a tight deadline

The New School was excited about a new course in diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), aimed at mid-level business managers and C-suite executives. The problem? Their existing 56 scripts were written in dense, highly-academic language that would make sense to sociology grad students, but might leave everyday business leaders scratching their heads.

With course content filming dates that The New School was unable to change, they turned to us for help. Right away, we recognized three challenges.

First, the scripts needed a top-to-bottom rewrite, but we couldn’t lose any building-block learning content along the way. Second, we needed a strong, compelling voice across the 50-plus scripts, and it needed to feel authentic and appropriate to the course instructor. And lastly, we had only six weeks to get all of the scripts written and through multiple rounds of approvals.


Assemble a team of talented writers

We met with the New School team and the course instructor to learn their goals for the length, look, and feel of the scripts. As our team of seven writers worked, we stayed in regular contact with the New School team and the course instructor, sharing scripts and making sure each one looked just as they hoped. The course instructor appreciated the succinct, stylish work product and met one-on-one with our lead writer, who shared tips and tricks for educational scriptwriting.

Scripts: 56

Writers: 7

Weeks: 6



Fully refreshed, reinvigorated course content, ready for the cameras.

Our team of seven writers delivered all the scripts right on schedule (and in some cases, even ahead of schedule). Our lead writer ensured that tone and voice stayed consistent across every page.

The New School business team and the course instructor were impressed with the night-and-day transformation of the content. We were proud that our rewrites hit the nail so directly on the head that there were virtually no requested script changes. The content sailed through approvals, and the scripts were ready to go a week before filming.

  • Working with Edios is a true partnership. Their script writing team took the time to really understand our needs and goals. As a result, they were able to take complex and nuanced content and create the succinct and conversational scripts we were looking for, while staying authentic to our voice. Our thanks to the team for being so thoughtful, engaged, and efficient!

    Katie Ly | On-Demand Learning, N Ventures

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