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Launch a cutting-edge climate education destination with it’s inaugural course

The Climate Pledge (TCP) team approached Edios Media with an exciting opportunity—to develop, produce, and launch the first course designed for the signatories of the pledge who commit to achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2040. With over five hundred signatories, TCP sought to offer an educational hub as a valuable benefit. This resource is particularly crucial as not all signatory companies are far along in their carbon net-zero journey. This new educational destination, Passport Academy, would be an extension of the existing TCP platform. Passport is a virtual destination for climate action, a climate hub that is part round table, part global cohort, and part niche resource. When a company signs the pledge they get access to the platform and can connect with other signatories.

Despite our enthusiasm to help launch this important educational destination, we faced a few challenges. Firstly, we had to determine if the existing Passport platform technology could support the launch of the new online academy.  Next, we had to understand the needs of the signatories to create courses that would resonate and be beneficial to achieving their pledge commitments. Lastly, collaboration with Amazon and Global Optimism was essential in determining the content of the inaugural course. This initial course would set the precedent for subsequent ones, defining the overall tone, look, and feel and it was essential to deliver an elevated experience to learners.


LMS Consultation

We first needed to determine the functionality necessary for learners to engage with the course. We analyzed third-party Learning Management System (LMS) platforms and delved into Articulate 360’s capabilities which the existing platform was built upon. We determined that the existing platform fully supported the new Academy courses. We then worked closely with TCP on the workflow to launch the new course and the functionality necessary for the new learners.

Course Design

After extensive research and interviews with potential learners and existing signatories, the team determined that the first course would teach signatories how to get started with their carbon measuring and reporting. Together with Global Optimism and Amazon, we developed the overall course curriculum and identified several sustainability experts to further create the course content. These subject matter experts (SMEs) were sustainability professionals from organizations such as Uber, Amazon, Brooks Running, o9 Solutions, CDP Worldwide, and others. These are very busy specialists, so using their time efficiently was crucial. We paired our writers with the SMEs and had to figure out how to gather the content logistically. Whether it was via meetings or through detailed outlines, our writers were able to capture content in the right tone, and style and delivered scripts ready for production.


We filmed across multiple locations (London, Seattle, and San Francisco) so we designed a set that could be easily recreated in many different places. Our goal was to create a sophisticated look that could be replicated easily for future courses. We wanted a cinematic look, so we conducted a three-camera shoot with constant motion via dolly. During post-production, we crafted a distinctive visual style for on-screen text interactions within the TCP brand guidelines. Additionally, we developed original animations to enhance the course content and engage the learners.


It was time to go live! Working collaboratively with the internal TCP team, we identified the optimal file formats for the various platform assets such as videos, images, and closed captions. We structured the course outline, uploading videos, closed captions, downloadables, images, and associated metadata. Collaborating closely with the design team, we ensured a seamless learner experience on the platform. After the beta-testing course, we officially launched and continue to perform maintenance and optimizations for the platform.


Passport academy launches with inaugural course.

We successfully launched “Your Practical Guide to Measurement and Reporting” in January 2024. Over seven days of production, we filmed six comprehensive modules, which included twenty-six videos and featured eight dynamic instructors, many of whom are the same SMEs who helped create the course content. The course is currently available to the five hundred-plus signatories on the Passport Academy platform. In collaboration with our partners, we effectively built systems and processes to launch new courses. Plans are set for 4-6 courses in 2024, and we’re committed to ongoing platform content expansion in 2024 and beyond.

  • “We have really enjoyed working closely with Edios on learning content for our community.  The team has been friendly, accommodating and flexible to our needs, and respected our expertise and perspective as we’ve designed our programs.

    The content they’ve created has been excellent quality and highly professional.

    Emily Auckland | Advisor & Engagement lead, The Climate pledge

  • Passport Academy Brings Expert Educational Courses to Signatories of The Climate Pledge


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