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Creating fully animated videos within a tight budget and timeline

IBM SkillsBuild is a free resource that provides job skills, courses, and credentials in technology. They presented us with an intriguing opportunity – to produce 30 fully animated videos for two upcoming online courses. We were excited about this endeavor because animation can be a powerful and effective tool to engage learners. However, navigating the animation style the client chose (based on their previously launched videos) while operating within a tight turnaround and budget offered a unique challenge.


To ensure we delivered on time and budget, we needed to establish clear communication channels and a highly efficient workflow. We worked closely with our animation team to be certain that they could deliver the unique animation style chosen by the client. We educated the client, their instructional designers and scriptwriters on the intricacies of the animation style, and how to best visualize and write the scripts to ensure the content would shine.

We established rules around the motion and character articulation of this particular style so that we could breeze through animation as quickly as possible, without sacrificing quality or creativity. It required us to get innovative to stay within the confines of the budget and timeline. For example, instead of showing a bustling coffee shop full of customers, we transformed the scene into a series of icons to relay the same idea in a creative, and more cost-efficient way using a coffee shop sign, coffee beans, mugs, and pastries, etc. And to toot our own horn, it looks great!


Delivered engaging and creative videos on schedule and within budget!

The final product delivered the video portions of two online courses: Data Analytics and Cybersecurity. The client was thrilled by the overall artistic quality and visual content of the videos. 

Our team was able to provide top-notch project management, driving one hundred percent of the video creation for these courses. Our team went the extra mile to make sure that we delivered videos that not only look great and are on brand but also set the students up for success. The courses will be launched in community colleges in 2023.

  • 30 x 3 min videos = 90 mins of original animation

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