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Creating timely content to address the urgent needs of businesses post-pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic caused serious damage to small businesses worldwide. Global shutdowns prevented customers from eating out, buying gifts, getting a haircut, and many other activities taken for granted pre-pandemic. From mom-and-pop restaurants to local boutiques, countless small businesses across the globe faced the daunting challenge of trying to stay solvent.

These companies were hurting and needed help adapting to the new normal. In order to survive, they had to find new revenue sources and come up with inventive ways of providing products and services. 

Together, CreativeLive and the emes project envisioned BackTo.Biz, a free online destination for business owners to gain skills and knowledge to help them recover and continue to thrive in the post-pandemic world. 

Edios Media was brought in to create valuable content as quickly as possible, which included curriculum mapping, course design, project management, production, and post-production. We were inspired by the cause and thrilled to be a part of the team launching it.


We worked together to build a curriculum map to support the defined content verticals and determine what type of video formats would need to be created to complement the existing library. Each vertical would include existing courses, new courses, case studies/success stories, and blog posts. We fleshed out the content verticals and mapped out the new course topics under each one. Edios Media was tasked with creating thirteen new courses and four case studies to support the launch of the online destination. 

For the new classes, Edios recruited a combination of popular CreativeLive instructors and new on-air talent, including authors and thought leaders. Edios worked with the instructors to develop their classes within the CreativeLive course framework.

  • Edios Media wins Brandon Hall Excellence Award

Edios employed a combination of in-person and remote filming. We shot the thirteen new courses within thirty days across multiple cities. We also produced the four video case studies/success stories showcasing small businesses and entrepreneurs that had successfully pivoted during the pandemic. The success stories complemented the course content and inspired learners to start applying these same techniques in their own businesses.


A powerful online destination successfully launched!

Within ninety days, CreativeLive and Edios Media created and curated over four hundred video lessons, courses, and tools for small businesses. Many of the videos centered around BIPOC-owned businesses and delivered empowering knowledge for entrepreneurs and small businesses to implement during their recovery from the devastation of the pandemic.

The response to BackTo.Biz was overwhelmingly positive and the online engagement continues to grow. We were honored to win the Brandon Hall Award for “Best Advance in Social Impact Innovation” for our work on Back.To.Biz.

  • “I love working with Edios.  Their ability to develop content of the highest caliber and simultaneously produce/ manage the process is truly unique.  Moreover, they operate both collaboratively and independently.  I always trust that whatever we hand them will be delivered on time, on budget, and above expectations.”

    Chase Jarvis | CEO, CREATIVELIVE

  • Winner of the bronze medal in the Best Advance in Social Impact Innovation category at The Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards.

  • “I am not Tech savvy and spend too much time doing things that need to be eliminated. Ms. Moffett’s presentation was excellent for me. She presented information regarding time management, productivity and tech. assistance that I will be using. Thanks”

    Posted on the course “Productivity Hacks for Busy Entrepreneurs w/ Kyshira Moffett”

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