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Create an adaptable, cost-efficient production process

The C3 AI Suite is a powerful platform that requires a certain level of onboarding for each new client. In the past the company hosted in-person trainings. As the company continued to grow, they needed a solution to scale to a global client base and a growing list of developers who needed onboarding. 

In-person training could only be facilitated by certain high-level employees in the company, employees who are also are responsible for the growth and maintenance of the product itself. If they are training, then they aren’t architecting the platform, or solving engineering challenges. How do you create a training that is adaptable and can easily evolve with the product without spending a fortune?



The courses incorporate a simple and straightforward visual format in order to articulate highly complex content without having to interface too much within the actual product.  We filmed 240+ videos over 5 days featuring 3 instructors at the offices of C3.  The instructors, who also happened to be the internal experts on the topics they taught, teach to camera accompanied by slides.

Production Days: 5

Courses: 3

Number of Videos: 240+

Capturing slides, as opposed to screencasting the product directly, still teaches the core concepts that are essential to the platform but eliminates the need to reshoot video every time the product updates.  We designed simple and effective graphics to highlight portions of the slides to support the specific lesson being taught. The post production required multiple editors responding to feedback from multiple stakeholders within the organization.


Delivered adaptable course quickly for beta-testing

We delivered 240+ videos that provide the organization with flexible learning modules that can be delivered as one course or broken up as several courses targeted towards specific roles in their client’s workforce (Developers, Engineers, Data Scientist, etc).  Now the organization has the ability to onboard new clients with an easily shareable eLearning solution versus all of the resources required for in person training. Now those facilitators who once had to spend weeks training new clients can focus on their actual roles in building and maintaining this powerful platform. 

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