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Timely course launch for the post-COVID era

August Public Inc. is a new kind of consulting company designed to help with the complexities of the ever-changing ways we do business. Many businesses shifted to a hybrid work experience post-COVID. August came up with a great idea: create an online course that would empower learners to successfully navigate a hybrid work environment by developing practical skills they can promptly apply. 

August approached us to create a short, cohort-based learning program to help learners navigate a hybrid work environment with practical skills that can be applied immediately.  We were excited about the opportunity and confident we could execute their vision. But time was of the essence. We needed to launch the course quickly because the content was so timely. August had produced videos before but never a full online course, so it was important to us that the videos felt true to their brand while delivering this essential curriculum.


We partnered with August to design and produce the course. We implemented Edios Media’s tried and true “Five Pillars of Course Content” process. This included a detailed discussion of the promise of the course, the dilemmas learners are facing, and an in-depth learner profile. Our process provides the foundation for the course content and leads to the overall project creative brief and show flow that details the beat-by-beat learner journey. 

Winner of two silver medals:

  • Best Use of Video
  • Best Customer Training


We planned and prepared a one-day shoot in a small studio at their shared office space in Brooklyn. Edios worked with August to select a neutral background color that complemented their brand palette. This background allowed the motion graphics to appear on screen next to the instructor.  

August selected one of their partners, Erica Seldin, to be the on-screen talent. Behind the scenes, Edios and August’s teams worked together to ensure a dynamic performance.  It was important that each video hit the right beats in the content, and had consistent energy and delivery. Erica was fantastic, prepared, and engaging. We hit a road bump when August realized (on the day of the shoot) that they had not written a course wrap-up video. Thanks to some quick teamwork (and fast typing skills!), we wrote the script, put it into the teleprompter, and had the onscreen talent perform it all within fifteen minutes!

During the post-production stage, Edios and August worked together to adjust graphics and add new ones. The August team continually updated and fine-tuned the remainder of the course content.


Promptly delivered an entire course of timely videos!

In April 2022, the course went live to the first cohort. It was a mix of learners, including consultants, corporate workers, non-profit workers, and people working on company culture initiatives.

The response to the course has been overwhelmingly positive!  One interviewed user said the learning was “super practical,” and while it was useful in hybrid work situations, it was also just good working practice for teams.

In terms of course creation, August learned that they were able to build a high-quality course with their partners. They also discovered they want to have other asynchronous offerings for their clients.

As a result of our work with August, many of their clients now request the course as a live, on-site, in-person workshop. August’s consultants now use the scripts, workbooks, and live session outlines from the online course to build these custom, live workshops.

The course has been recognized with two silver medals at the 2023 Brnadon Hall Group Excellence Awards for Best Use of Video and Best Customer Training.


  • “Every detail of the production was organized and communicated so when the actual day of the filming arrived, all I needed to do was stand back and let Elizabeth and the crew work their magic. “


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