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Executing a vision in a constantly changing landscape.

How do we build educational tools and services for a suite of products that are constantly evolving? We needed to bring together a range of teams around common creative goals. Each stakeholder had their own unique needs and requirements, and we had to work with shifting deadlines to deliver content that held true to the needs of the end user.


Education Platform Consultation

We collaborated with content and educational specialists from teams across Facebook to put in place systems that would meet the video education needs of a variety of products. We brought our expertise in content and production formats, advising on best practices for scaling production. We shared strategies for developing vibrant and personable programming, with flexible and adaptable content that could be used across those changing products. Our goal was to bring color, emotion, and a connection to real, lived experiences. We made complex concepts relatable, illustrating them by bringing real lessons and stories from real people and their businesses.

Live Productions: 10

Video Series: 2

Number of Videos: 80+

Content Strategy & Development

We wanted to create content that would inform, inspire, and simplify for the learner. We took a big-picture vision for a global and changing market, and mentored and managed a stable of writers, from onboarding, to content kickoff meetings, outline creation, script review, and interviewing. We equipped them to meet the needs of a range of constantly growing and evolving products, and to produce live, as well as pre-recorded content that could demystify complex concepts, speak to the user, and involve the user in a learning journey as they build their company.

Production Management

We managed the logistics of working with Facebook’s internal facilities, managing internal studio resources, consulting on set design, and coordinating with teams of external writers, editors, and animators. We secured union talent and oversaw the SAG process. Whether we were directing on-air talent or making adjustments to animated characters, our goal was to connect with the emotions and aspirations of the coffee shop owner, the beauty products entrepreneur, the nascent clothing designer. Coordinating multiple teams for production day, or understanding the single person sitting in front of the computer, our goals were the same: to make their endeavor a successful part of the larger Facebook and business community.


Provided Facebook with a flexible, scalable resource to meet their evolving video needs

In a constantly changing environment, we’ve produced 10 live broadcasts, a Digital Skills series of over 20+ videos, and a Getting Started with Facebook Video Series made up of 50+ videos over 8 modules.

Most importantly, we’ve instituted a clear development and production process for a pipeline of vital content to drive learner engagement of Facebook’s business tools.

  • 59,000+

    views from 10 live broadcasts

  • 20+

    videos in the Digital Skills series

  • 50+

    videos in the Get Started with Facebook series

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