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Capturing warm and compassionate content despite challenging filming conditions

Sweetrush, a company that designs custom learning experiences, approached Edios Media to create scenario-based educational videos for the University of California (UCSF). The videos are part of a course designed to teach doctors and other healthcare providers how to properly conduct a cognitive health assessment designed to identify cognitive issues with patients. 

We understood the importance of this content and were confident we could create impactful videos, but we were met with a few logistical constraints. The filming location provided by UCSF  was an actual medical training room. As you would imagine, the room was sterile and harshly-lit, but the content needed to express warmth and empathy. Lastly, we only had one day to shoot and a very brief amount of time to scout the location ahead of time. This made it difficult to plan out the production, which consisted of 2 scripts and 5 actors and a limited amount of time to capture all the video content.


Our highly skilled crew, used to problem-solving, came to set with solutions. We created a 3D scan of the space during the location scout, which allowed our Director of Photography (DP) and crew to come to the set prepared with the right gear to use the space efficiently. They were able to map out the camera and lighting placement before even stepping on set.

Production days: 1

Videos: 2 x 8min

We created a warm set out of a dull medical training room. We introduced subtle camera movement and positioned the cameras to capture the verbal and nonverbal interaction between actors.


Skillfully captured the warmth and complexity  the subject matter demanded.

Our team at Edios Media elevated both the production of the videos and the performance of the actors. Often, these types of medical training scenario-based videos can feel robotic or fake. While practical, they rarely capture the heart and warmth necessary for this type of content to resonate with learners. Together we were able to create videos that were informative, inviting, and most importantly, empathetic. We took a poorly-lit, cold room, and made it sparkle (okay, maybe not sparkle, but you know what we mean).

Every person associated with the production; the crew, the actors, the client stakeholders, and the medical expert brought a tremendous amount of compassion and awareness to the content being produced.

  • “Our collaboration with Edios was an absolute delight! They were there to help us and our client through the entire production process. They were our partners throughout the casting process and made it easy for us to stay on time and budget.

    The videos were empathetic and engaging, with a unique and thought-provoking approach that is expertly crafted. Edios had an eye on every detail and were open and patient to explain it all to us. They created a fun and comfortable atmosphere on shooting day, which put our client at ease.

    They were a great partner, and I look forward to the next time we get to work with Edios!”


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