translate an in-person training to an eLearning course

Course Design Production Management Post Production


How do we make eLearning courses that are as thought-provoking and visually dynamic as they are in-person?

This was Paradigm’s first eLearning course. It was important that any additional courses created in the future would be consistent with their brand and the format we chose.

We also needed to create something that would have a look, feel, and structure that could be customized for Paradigm’s clients without requiring too much additional production. Plus, we knew it needed to stand out from their competitors. Paradigm had so much potential content, we had to figure out how to curate it and select what would have the most impact as an eLearning course in a video medium.


Content Development

We needed to discover what content already existed, so we attended a live workshop and had intense development sessions with the Paradigm team. After we determined the learner journey as seen through the overall narrative, we broke out existing materials into a digestible structure that included videos and reflective moments. After the overall course promise was determined, we broke down each individual lesson’s format to figure out how the learner would interact with the content in the LMS.

Production days: 2

Courses: 3

Number of Videos: 30

Determine Visual Language & Format

To create a modular format, it was important to determine what the visual language would be, including the motion graphics and on-camera aesthetic. This visual language would allow Paradigm to reproduce the format in other courses, customizing it as needed. Once we did this, we were able to seamlessly shoot new content for new versions of the course without incurring massive costs.


We evolved as the project did, and continuously prioritized deliverables as new opportunities from the client arose. We developed a production process that Paradigm can now use to scale their eLearning offerings on a client-by-client basis, and made sure to build a flexible approach to the post-production process as well.


Delivered the first courses in the new eLearning catalog.

We delivered 3 courses to Paradigm that featured 30 videos with custom animations, featuring two instructors. On top of that, we developed a visual format and a system they could use to build their eLearning catalog in the future.

  • “[Edios] have been invaluable partners throughout the creation of our very first eLearning…The team is incredibly responsive, professional, flexible, kind, and overall, wonderful to work with.”

    –Rachel Herter, Senior Consultant, Paradigm

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