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Film-Set-in-a-Box Virtual Production


Produce top-quality video while maximizing safety for everyone.

There’s no question: The pandemic has changed how and where we work. Worldwide, more employees now work remotely than at any time in history. Yet companies still need to train, develop, and communicate with team members, in a time when in-person learning is no longer feasible.

Despite the constraints of our new shared reality, we’ve created two elegant solutions to our clients’ continued need for high-quality video content. Fortune 100 clients who’ve road-tested our new protocols have been thrilled with the results. Here’s how it works.


Film Set In a Box

Using an iPhone with licensed, groundbreaking software, plus simple lighting and a microphone, we’ve created a kit that any non-filmmaker can set up in about an hour.

Our team can remotely control the iPhone, allowing us to hit record, capture 4K footage, run a teleprompter, and communicate in real-time with whomever is in front of the camera. They can see us, and we can direct and guide them through the shoot.

Clients can even remotely join our virtual film set and provide instantaneous feedback on shots, performance, and content.

With a strong wi-fi connection, we’re able to shoot almost anywhere in the world. It’s perfect for capturing multiple people in multiple locations, all in high definition. It’s also ideal for filming with those who aren’t able to shoot in-person.

  • Tech equipment
  • Editing footage on computer

Virtual Production Oversight

We bring the production to you.

With our network of production relationships and resources, we can schedule a professional crew in any city, without the need for our crew to travel. Whether in a local studio or a company’s satellite office, we’re ready to film in compliance with state and CDC guidelines. Safety first.

Your Edios producer will join the shoot remotely, managing the performance and overseeing the crew, all from home.

If your project requires the very highest production value, this might be the option for you.


Even in unprecedented times, we create engaging and impactful video content.

At Edios, we’ve never shied away from a challenge. We’re proud to continue offering clients the highest level of service and great production quality, while maximizing safety for everyone.

During the pandemic, we shot more than 100 videos in 10 cities around the world (including in Europe and Asia) for Facebook, helping them launch their Media Buying & Planning Certificate  program, and creating holiday video content to remember.

With Google, we shot more than 30 interviews across the United States. We also oversaw shoots for AWS in Seattle, New York, Lisbon, and Tel Aviv.

Whether in person or remote, we’re here to help you create the engaging, impactful video content that moves your company forward.

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