july 22


hello. we’re edios.

That greeting, those three words might seem pretty simple and fairly innocuous.  It’s a perfectly fine greetings as greeting go, but there is nothing simple about us choosing to start this blog post those three words, “hello, we’re Edios.” If you’d like to know the excitement and anxiety, the hard work and courage it took for us to say those words than please keep reading.

Here is what we knew when we clicked publish and set our first website live in January of 2016:

  • We had a unique skill set, along with tons of experience developing and producing engaging online video courses.
  • We had enough money saved to last 6 months in the most expensive city in the US.
  • We weren’t exactly sure who our clients would be.
  • Our website design skills were subpar at best.

Today, as we celebrate the launch of our shiny new website, we wanted to reflect back on how two people who never had notions of entrepreneurship were able to carve out a pretty nice business.  Here are some highlights from the past 2.5 years to bring you up to date:

  • We signed our first two clients quickly, which alleviated the stress associated with the 6 months of savings mentioned above.  Big thanks to theBoardlist for being our first client! (And check out the work we did with Self Made Man.) 
  • We pitched and won the opportunity to produce the Google IT Support Professional Certificate for the Coursera platform.  If starting a business is a leap of faith, then signing the contract to produce a project of this scale was like base jumping from the international space station.  Our leap paid off, and this incredible opportunity morphed into a product that exceeded everyone’s wildest expectations.  
    • As of 6/17 more than 75,000 learners have enrolled and  8,000 people have completed the program. 
    • Based on the success of the program, Google wants to expand into new areas of tech training, so as our client Natalie Van Kleef Conley, a Sr Product Manager at Grow with Google says, “We’re cooking something up, but it’s too soon to share.”  Stay tuned for more awesomeness.
  • We built a diverse client list that includes companies like Facebook, Lyft, C3, Sundance Institute, and Paradigm, among others.
  • We closed our first academic partnership with INSEAD and the Blockchain Research Institute, producing Blockchain Revolution for the Enterprise, available on Coursera.
  • We’ve produced over 1600 videos, 15 clients, and 1 shoot battling an incoming polar vortex.

Looking ahead, we are committed to pushing the boundaries and possibilities of elearning and online video education by working with even more dynamic organizations. Digital transformation has touched every industry, and the way that organizations, academic institutions, enterprises, nonprofits, etc approach education has changed profoundly. Edios Media is helping to lead that change.

We have learned so much that we want to share with you, which is why we decided to launch this blog.  If you are interested in reading our thoughts on the elearning industry, content development, video education production, and other related topics, please follow us on LinkedIn or Facebook

And, if you ever want to say hello, shoot us a message at [email protected].


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