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Over four days and four city blocks, project manage a schedule with dozens of internal and external stakeholders.

From 5,000 feet up coordinating with attendees, exhibitors and speakers, or on the ground with our production teams responding to in-the-moment broadcast needs, we needed to channel the vitality and electricity of Dreamforce into cohesive stories about products and people to reach 16m online viewers across a broad range of media.


Production Management

Beginning weeks in advance, we worked with internal Salesforce teams and external partners to strategize and plan four days of production. By paying careful attention to the physical conference layout, we built a schedule with clear channels of communication that allowed our teams to optimize movement through the space. We wanted to minimize the difficulties past crews faced with crowded venues, and maximize the time spent capturing engaging content. VIP Interviews, lighting, B-roll, editing on the fly and getting content aired, we planned down to the smallest detail so that we could be open and flexible to the possibilities afforded in a fast-paced, complex environment.

Production days: 4

Video Formats: 5

Number of Videos: 40+

Content Strategy

We built on a deep understanding of the Salesforce brand to create and structure content that could live on beyond a single conference or event. We aimed to develop vibrant video formats that would capture the spirit of the company and the experience of being at Dreamforce. Our Dreamforce Daily format, for example, was not just a top five of inspiring content from each conference day, but a set of modular segments developed with a quick turnaround time that could be used across social media platforms and adapted to an array of broadcast formats.

Content Production

From interviewing celebrities and luminaries in their field, down to the taping of live product demos or exhibitor booth tours, we looked to portray the diversity of a Fortune 500 company engaged in their community, in their partners, and moving their brand forward with integrity. The Trailblazer Moments we developed with internal stakeholders shared both the aspirational stories, and the everyday stories, while also communicating practical information like product announcements and partnerships in easy to share, digestible videos for social media.

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Videos with impact long after the conference ends.

In the course of four days we captured the color and humanity of a company that works with infrastructure, systems and data, and impacts people, product visions, and communities.

With 40+ videos produced across 5 distinct formats, shared on live stream, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and, we covered not just keynotes, sessions, and technology demos, but a constellation of partnerships and innovations that will be part of the Salesforce story for the year to come.

  • The team at Edios were able to seamlessly hit the ground running as we prepared for our biggest event of the year.  Their impressive production management skills meant pressure was taken off my shoulders. We are proud of the content we captured at Dreamforce 2019 and look forward to producing even more exciting new video formats with them again next year.

    –Kerry LIEN, Director, Broadcast Production, salesforce live

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